Single Radar AzShear 3/03 Case


Seconds into this simulation it’s apparent that an embedded supercell is about to wreak havoc. It’s incredible how well you can examine the anatomy of the thunderstorm using the Single Radar AzShear product. It’s still apparent in the merged products that there’s an area of concern, but you can’t quiet examine the anatomy of the thunderstorm like you can in single radar.


In B, the merged 0-2km  it’s clear where we should be paying attention, but trying to diagnose the structure of or the maturity of the thunderstorm is much more difficult.



Spike in Merged AzShear Product – Wed Apr 24

Noted a big jump in the merged 0-2km AZshear product – see below.  This caused a corresponding jump in ProbTor.  Also note the “double peak” likely caused by SAILS scans.  This is an a favorable location with > 30kts of 0-3km shear – so mesovortex formation is possible.  Will be interesting to see if anything develops….