NUCAPS Sounding Feedback – Day 2

One of the first things that I realized that became a challenge when experimenting with the NUCAPS soundings was when after you load up one from the map, Nsharp loads up in another tab automatically.  This is totally fine, but a nice feature would be to show the location of the dot that you clicked on. This might be in a small map located in Nsharp.

Another cool feature (in AWIPS) would be to maybe highlight the dot that is already loaded in Nsharp on the planview map.  Because when you go back to the planview to click another dot, I’d forget which one I already loaded.  I guess to help this, another option would be to have the capability to load up multiple dot soundings and toggle them off and on.

Lastly, a feature I’d love to see are winds in these NUCAP soundings.  Winds are an extremely powerful tool when forecasting severe storm mode, storm motion, etc.  but also it would be helpful to identify levels of turbulence and even LLWS.  If we could see areas where there might be moderate to severe turbulence, this is great information to air traffic controllers in order to divert aircraft to different levels or north/south of those strong winds.