Severe storm review looking at PSV3 vs VS2 and Octane

We were watching a storm as it pushed from New Mexico into Texas. First looking at Octane speed we quickly identified a cell with good speed shear as it pushed from Curry County into Parmer County. This is one great application of Octane. The ability to identify the cell with the biggest potential to become severe in a cluster of storms.

Looking at ProbSev V3 you can see the values for hail compared to V2 are very similar at the end. However, the bigger thing we noticed is that V3 picked up on the hail much earlier in the event compared to V2. We also noticed the chance of tornadoes in V2 was nearly zero while V3 was almost 20%. Looking at velocity I would agree with V3 as we did see some good rotation in the low to mid levels. As of this writing the storm has produced at least 2 inch hail.  


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