ProbSevere V3 Adjusting During New Cell Formation

ProbSevere V3 has been showing much improvement over version two, with this particular day featuring somewhat pusley mixed-mode storms across upstate New York. This particular group of cells had habitual new updraft development, with storms nearing or briefly becoming severe as high dBZ cores develop aloof then make their way downward. These particular cells were able to form 1.00” hail. The ProbSevere V3 time series reflected the marginally severe nature of these storms very well, with values peaking at 60 to 65%. The very encouraging sign was the peaks and valleys in the ProbSevere V3 time series that showed this group of cells peaking at over 50% severe probabilities, dipping below 50% as the new updraft takes over, and then once again peaking above 50% once the new updraft strengthened. I’d definitely recommend forecasters to take a look at the timeseries to build confidence in cell trends during warning applications.

Shown above is the group of cells, with the initial one showing a core of 60+ dBZ that begins to drift off to the northwest while a newer updraft takes over and moves more east-northeast.

– aerobeaver