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Day 1

Acting as LBF
This image was used in a graphicast to which we then added areas of concern over the next several hours and storm direction.

PHS, ProbSevere

Enjoyed using PHS, especially getting the heads up at the beginning of today’s session to watch along the value gradients for stronger storms. That tip fit the bill for what we were seeing today and higher prob severe seemed to follow the gradient as well. I have not had much practice with version 2 of probsevere, so I cannot not really compare it to version 3. However, I did find version 3 useful today, especially with all the readout information breaking down the threat level for each type of severe hazard as well as mesh values.
2041 UTC
2141 UTC


From an IDSS standpoint, the Lightningcast is nice to use to give a heads up and see trends in lightning.
For GLM, I really liked decreasing the max value. Seems to work well in these smaller cells to highlight which cells to watch for.
– Matador