Blog 2 Day 4 on 5 June

Have switched to the HUN CWA as of 1930Z.

Discussion of NSSL WRF sim sat with IR and water vapor.

Large MCS to the NW of the CWA moving into it. The NSSL WRF shows the MCS but is far less robust on the eastern end of it than is apparent in the IR imagery. Also strong cirrus shield is present east of the MCS which is not present in the NSSL WRF. This will have obvious impacts on model performance because of insolation issues etc.

Over the Carolinas we have some convection developing ahead of a surface cold front.. the NSSL WRF is to robust on the convection esp in KGSP area. Although it is doing quite well but a bit fast (by 100km) over the outer banks of NC.

Talking with KP about carolinas and the spatial errors may be due to model limitations on depicting the Appalachians.

060514_19Z_HUN_simSatCompInitial2DSatterfield & KP


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