LJA: nearing end of experimental period & data collection update

Finally, a bit more activity in some of our domains this week.  In the last couple hours widespread severe (and near severe) storms have developed across the WTLMA.  Activity is expected to continue in the SW OKLMA network and possibly central OK later tonight.  SHAVE is currently actively calling in the region west and NW of Lubbock, reporting primarily pea-to-dime-size hail (severe winds are likely to be a larger factor with these storms) .

lightning jumps WTLMA

Above image is screen capture of realtime webpage active using google maps at 2231 UTC on 26 Sept 2012. Storms with jumps are noted, image shows timing & flash rate at that time (total per min & CG per 5 min) for storms tracked using Scale 1 (data for storm tracking at smaller and larger scales also available). SHAVE data collection points are denoted by green (0.25-0.75 in hail) and grey (no hail) circles.

Data collection update:

17 Sept 2012: NALMA 2000-2200 UTC (severe possibly out-of-range)
18 Sept 2012: DCLMA 1430-2230 UTC
25 Sept 2012: OKLMA 2300-0400 UTC (SHAVE data available)
26 Sept 2012: WTLMA/ OKLMA 1900 – ? (SHAVE data available)