LJA: multi-scale tracking & data collection update

Relatively quiet weather has continued over the domains during the last week. Today’s event over the NALMA is likely to be primarily a heavy rain event, but it’s still a good opportunity to show how the same storm system is tracked simultaneously at different scales. For the LJA, we are running 3 scales concurrently: scale 0 (200 km^2 min cluster size), scale 1 (600 km^2), and scale 2 (1000 km^2):

Scale 0 over the NALMA domain. Clusters are the regions identified by the colorful shapes over the reflectivity at -10 C plot.
similar to the previous image, except for Scale 1.
similar to the previous images, except for Scale 2. At scale 2, the identified storm clusters are allowed to grow unbounded.

(severe, or near severe) events since last update:

8 Sept 2012: DCLMA, 1600-2200 UTC