OUN: 3DVar Locates Strongest Storm/Strong Winds

After a significant period of marginal convection, the 3DVar data picked up on a stronger updraft, and subsequently, a very strong outflow boundary. It is very easy to pick out the strongest storm amongst the broken line of convection in the Max Updraft Composite imagery.  Updraft values of 17 m/s noted at 2250z, with values as high as 23 m/s at 2230z in McClain County.  Elsewhere, updrafts in the line were less than 10 m/s.

Max Updraft Composite at 2250Z

Zooming in, the 3DVar 1 km total wind vectors clearly pick up on the strong outflow winds at 2250z.

3DVar data at 2250z

At 2305Z, it is clear that the spatial extent of the intense updraft is decreasing. 1 km winds are also decreasing which matches well with radar data. Thus will not extend severe thunderstorm warning.

3DVar Data at 2305z