NUCAPS Low Level Lapse Rates Compared to RAP in Convection

The 19Z NUCAPS sounding pass went over Florida as convection was ongoing across much of the state. The 850mb to 700mb lapse rate product picked up on some of the convective overturning in southern Florida where lapse rates were far less steep than other portions of the state (indicative of cooler low levels), as well as where low level lapse rates were a bit lower over the western coast. This lines up well with where the RAP was showing lower surface to 3 km lapse rates. Though these two levels are not completely analogous , they represent similar processes post-convection. However, the NUCAPS pass is also picking up on lower 850-700mb lapse rates over Georgia and South Carolina which doesn’t match with the lower lapse rate product from the RAP, but these areas were also not experiencing convection so the reason for this could be due to other factors.


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