LightningCast Over Eastern MT

This image shows Day Cloud Phase Distinction, LightningCast, and 5 Minute CG Flash Lightning Plots for NLDN and ENTLN across Eastern MT.  While LightningCast provides a lot of information, it’s easy for it to overwhelm forecasters in situations like what’s shown, especially if other colorful imagery is included.  A suggestion is to give forecasters the option to load LightningCast in 10% increments from 10-90% (10, 20, 30, etc).  Then, forecasters can turn the individual increments on or off depending on the situation (i.e. lots of severe weather can prompt the lower values to be turned off, or partners concerned with the initial start of lightning can prompt lower values to be turned on).  Having the ability to change the color, line style, and line width for each increment would also be nice.


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