KFDR Radar Down

As we were spinning up with the OUN CWA, we received word that the KFDR radar has went down and technicians are on their way to fix it. Looking at the latest radar (1821Z), the strongest storms were near that area and it will complicate the warning process.

20150507_1821Z_RadarWith the surrounding radars seeing the current storms around 15kft, this will be a good opportunity to try out the ENI Lightning Data, both the Thunderstorm Alerts and the Cell Tracking with Time Series. Here is the latest Significant/Dangerous Lightning Alerts for that area at 1832Z.

20150507_1832Z_Radar_TstormAlertsThere are a numerous boxes with the default settings and one of the other groups was going to set a higher threshold, which we will try out shortly.

Finally, taking a look at the cell tracking data, we area able to pick out a couple stronger cells, with one location outputting over 100 flashes on the strongest cell.


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