NUCAPS MultiSat Sampling

I was pleasantly surprised to see that when multiple sources of NUCAPS data were displayed at the same time that I could sample, via the pop up Skew-T and moving the mouse across the sounding swath, all sets of NUCAPS data and that it wasn’t dependent on which source of NUCAPS was ‘editable’.

However, depending on WHICH source of NUCAPS soundings was indicated as ‘Editable’ (in this case, the METOP-A – in blue), only those soundings could be opened in the NsharpEditor. Not necessarily a big deal but it is something that some folks may need to have explained to them.

Additionally, I have found the pop up Skew-T doesn’t always work. Often, it seems that when the NUCAPS data is more than an hour old or so, moving the mouse across the soundings results in no changes in the pop up readout. Is this related to the ‘age’ of the NUCAPS data or a bug with the pop up Skew-T?

Similarly, a new pass of data came in and I was unable to get updated readouts from the pop up Skew-T, therefore I ‘unloaded the “Radar Popup SkewT” (green legend, above), turned off sampling, then went back through the process of Volume > Popup Skew-T, turning on Sampling (right click), and sample cloud heights from NUCAPS (top of right click menu) and was able to then sample the NUCAPS.

– Guillermo

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