Tornado Warnings – Tulsa/Norman Event

I became bogged down with WarnGen and the GUI with this event and it took away from some of my situational awareness.  I issued a few Tornado Warnings with the KOUN WarnGen GUI but it was customized differently from the previous several cases and real time events. I liked the Tornado Warning (QLCS) option, but the re-arrangement of the product types and the attributes threw me off.  I did toggle on the TLX or Tulsa option in the WFO knob to get back to reality a bit (Fig. 1).  I also had issues with the Track and Box.  I got a speed of 605 mph.  A new record.  I did not issue a warning until I got the speed back to 35-50 mph.

I switched primarily to SVR mode with TOR tags after I issued a few TORs as the warnings were not verifying.  I lowered the NTDA probs down to 20% thinking more TORs may be needed with maybe 40-60% probs.  I forecasted incorrectly with this.  I likely should have decreased the NMDA to the bottom threshold to reduce the numbers of MESOs detected. See the bottom two figures (Fig. 2 and Fig. 3) .  I likely should have issued a few TORs here late in the event for the south side of the line.  This would have been between 0430-0500 UTC.

Fig. 1: KOUN WarnGen GUI
Figure 2: 0434 UTC 21 OCT 2019 KTLX 0.5 DEG SRM, NMDA, NTDA, and Warnings.
Figure 3: 0434 UTC 21 OCT 2019 KTLX 0.5 DEG REF, NMDA, NTDA, and Warnings.

– Yoda777