Single-Radar AzShear Tornadogenesis Success

Single-radar AzShear does a really good job of identifying preferred locations of circulation along a QLCS. The bullseye started as an elongated area of enhanced AzShear and then converges into a more concentrated area. This product provides a helpful heuristic for identifying tightening circulations in the midst of noisy velocity data with less-clear signatures.

One can easily see the congealing AzShear bullseye before the circulation tightens the tornado starts.

On the contrary, the Merged AzShear product demonstrated some latency issues that would lead to less confidence in circulation tightening.

This image, taken at the same time as the KEOX AzShear product, shows several unorganized areas of enhanced rotation right before the tornado started in the merged AzShear product. The tightening circulation is an important precursor to tornadogenesis and the merged product seems to struggle. -Atlanta Braves