NUCAPS Procedures Usefulness

The NUCAPS Quick  Guide from JPSS includes a few procedures. Here I show the utility of a few of those procedures for combining GOES Satellite data and NUCAPS data.

This procedure plots 400-200mb relative humidity and GOES-16 water vapor. You can see the representation of the dry air across the northern US and the systems in the Plains & southeast.

Another procedure compares GFS, HRRR, and NAM lapse rates with the NUCAPS lapse rate info. This is a good check to see if model lapse rates are performing well or where they need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Another procedure plots 850-300mb RH and low-level water vapor. The product shows the system in the Plains and the system in the Ohio Valley. Drying is also obvious in the southern Great Lake and North Dakota.

I like the procedures provided in the JPSS Quick Guide. I am starting to understand the applicability of the NUCAPS data little bit more. These procedures are helpful in contextualizing the provided data fields.

-Atlanta Braves