Difficult Warning Decision as Storms Enter LSX CWA

The northern extent of a line of storms that has produced sporadic wind damage is approaching the LSX CWA from the south. One of these storms has good reflectivity structure with a tight front reflectivity gradient and a rear inflow notch. However, these storms appear to be entering a more stable airmass. This is reflected in the ProbSevere probabilities of the storm in question compared with one just a bit further north:

The northernmost storm with the cool contours has only a 22% ProbWind and is in an environment of only 715 J/kg MLCAPE (per the sampling feature). Meanwhile the storm in question to the south in the warmer contours has a 90% ProbWind with 1220 J/kg MLCAPE. These storms are moving to the northeast toward the more stable air. Incidentally, the All-Sky LAP CAPE does not depict as sharp of a gradient in the CAPE compared with the RAP-derived ProbSevere values:

I am not sure which is more accurate but I suspect the model-derived values are more accurate in this situation.

Furthermore, a weakening trend in the Flash Extent Density is observed on the northern end of the line:

This storm still deserves a warning, but we will see how quickly it weakens.

Ron Dayne