Reasons for the slow warns.

May 21st 0021Z

Just wanted to add that on some of these storms I have been a little slower on the draw to warn. This is due to examining other new products such as LAPs CAPE and composite reflectivity MESH, while also participating in a round table discussion with some extra students on why and how they impact the mesoscale forecast, how newer dual pol products interact with the old legacy products, and examining the new prob of severe function that surrounds these storms.

MESH seems to be doing excellent here. However MESH and Prob of SVR do not capture  information of the latest lowest scan because the volume is not complete yet. It is important to use Prob of Svr as a trend tool and seeing a quick graph of Prob of Svr rising would be very helpful.  (Again a tie in to SCAN for ease of graphing would be wonderful. )

Grant H.



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