Gab at the Lab: John Krause

John Krause, Research Scientist (CIMMS/NSSL RRDD)

John Krause

Background:M.S. Information Technology, University of Oklahoma
M.S. Meteorology, University of Oklahoma; M.B.A., University of Oklahoma
B.S. Cornell University, Atmospheric Sciences
Experience:John Krause began his career with CIMMS almost 20 years ago. John’s first position with CIMMS was at the Radar Operations Center Training Branch in Norman, Oklahoma. After 2 years with the ROC, he joined the staff at CIMMS/NSSL, and has been at the Lab ever since. His wife, Jane, still works over at the ROC - she’s in the engineering branch!
What He Does:John develops, codes, tests, and supports dualpol-algorithms for the WSR-88D. He creates and maintains a suite of dual-pol algorithms and works with radar and model data to create new weather products. He considers his role to be “World Class Scientific Support for World Class Science" and enjoys working collaboratively with his CIMMS & NSSL teammates, including Alexander Ryzhkov, Terry Schuur, Heather Reeves, Kim Elmore, Jeff Snyder, and Pengfei Zhang, among others. After almost 20 years at NSSL, John encourages others to recognize that science is a team sport and people, tools, and processes need to adapt as big datasets continue to get bigger. His "Work Wisdom" includes advice to always take care of yourself (your mind is worthless if your body fails you!) and to remember to make pretty pictures to keep the management happy!
Trivia: John enjoys training for triathlons, and regularly covers over 100 miles per week while training in running, swimming, and cycling. He is also an avid homebrewer with decades of experience. He specializes in Belgians and other Ales.

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