Gab at the Lab: Terry Schuur

Terry Schuur, Research Associate (NSSL/CIMMS)



Background:Ph.D. Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University (1996)
M.S. Meteorology, University of Oklahoma (1989)
B.A. Mathematics, Minor: Physics, University of Minnesota-Morris (1985)
Experience:Terry hails from Windom, Minnesota, a small farming town of ~4500 people in the western part of the state and home to the Toro company’s main manufacturing plant. He earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics at the University of Minnesota Morris campus, with additional coursework in computer science, before making his way to Oklahoma for graduate school. At OU, Terry’s Master’s thesis was “An electrical and kinematic study of the stratiform cloud trailing an Oklahoma squall line.” After completing his degree, Terry spent two years working at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado. Similar to OU CIMMS, CIRES is a partnership between NOAA and the University of Colorado Boulder, devoted to research and teaching in the environmental sciences. While in Colorado, Terry returned to school at Colorado State University, earning his Ph.D. with a dissertation on “An observational and modeling study of mesoscale convective system electrification.”
What He Does:Terry joined OU CIMMS in 1997, and works collaboratively with scientists in the Radar Research and Development Division at NSSL. His primary research interests are radar meteorology, cloud physics, and atmospheric electricity. Currently, he is focusing on microphysical interpretation of polarimetric radar signatures. He is also working on developing new polarimetric algorithms and improving older designs, and he is involved with field studies to learn more about storm electricity.
Trivia: Terry's family origins can be traced to the Netherlands, where Schuur means “barn” in Dutch. His ancestors arrived at Ellis Island in April of 1912. On the return trip to Rotterdam, their ship, the S.S. Noordam, radioed the Titanic to warn of icebergs ahead. He is the first generation of his family who did not grow up speaking fluent Dutch, and he is the only one in his family (including cousins) to ever leave the state!

While he enjoys sports, hiking, reading, photography, and travel... these days, Terry considers himself mostly a chauffeur, coach, Disney Vacation Planner, and Master Lego Builder as he and his wife raise their young daughter.
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