Gab at the Lab: David Schvartzman

David Schvartzman, Radar Research Associate (OU CIMMS)




Background:M.S. Radar Engineering, University of Oklahoma, 2015
B.S. Electronics Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Asunción, 2011
Experience:As an engineering student in Paraguay, David connected with NSSL/CIMMS’ Sebastian Torres, who would become an invaluable mentor and advisor. Through this partnership, David was encouraged to make the move to Oklahoma, where he enrolled at OU as a Master’s student in 2013. During this time, he also began working as a Graduate Research Assistant, studying adaptive sensing with Multi-function Phased Array Radar. He graduated with a 4.0 GPA in 2015, and was hired as a Radar Research Associate with OU CIMMS in July.
What He Does:David is part of the Advanced Radar Techniques team at NSSL. This collaborative group researches new methods of signal processing to improve quality, accuracy, and timeliness of MPAR. Specifically, David works on the Advanced Technology Demonstrator project: a fully-digital, solid-state, polarimetric and multi-function phased array radar. One of his main tasks in this project is to design the Non-Linear Frequency Modulated (NLFM) waveforms to be transmitted, by optimizing the transmission bandwidth using a genetic-algorithm framework. He also works on improving polarimetric-variable estimators and in developing innovative adaptive weather sensing techniques for MPAR. The important research being done by the ART team today will continue to improve our radar capabilities and will better equip us to meet the needs of the National Weather Service in the future.
Trivia: David likes watching football (both American football and what we know as soccer). He enjoys playing tennis, spending time with his friends and cooking. His relatives are spread out in the world, although most of them live in the east-coast area in the US. His trusty sidekick is his dog named Panda!
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