Gab at the Lab: Dusty Wheatley

Dusty Wheatley, Research Scientist (OU CIMMS)



Background:B.A. Mathematics, Bellarmine University
M.S., Ph.D. Atmospheric Science, Purdue University
Experience:Dusty is a native of Louisville, Kentucky. He earned his undergraduate degree in math from Bellarmine University and his graduate degrees in atmospheric science from Purdue University. Upon completion of his graduate studies in 2007, he joined NSSL as an NRC Postdoctoral Fellow, and is currently a research scientist with CIMMS/NSSL.
What He Does:Dusty’s work uses data assimilation methods to combine routine weather observations and radar data with weather models, and is focused on improving forecasts of tornado-producing thunderstorms and other hazardous weather. His work is part of the Warn-on-Forecast project currently underway at NSSL.



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