Gab at the Lab: Steven Martinaitis

Steven Martinaitis, Research Scientist (NSSL/CIMMS)




Background:M.S. Meteorology, Florida State University
B.S. Meteorology, Florida State University
A.A., Pasco-Hernando Community Collegen
Experience:Steve grew up in Florida and earned both his B.S. and M.S. degrees in meteorology from Florida State University in Tallahassee. He came to Norman when he was offered a position with CIMMS at NOAA’s Warning Decision Training Branch. During his five year tenure there, he helped delivered training to National Weather Service forecasters on such topics as excessive rainfall forecasting, flash flood warning decision making, and tropical cyclone tornadoes. Steve also developed numerous weather simulations and managed the on-site training lab. He was also part of the dual-polarization implementation team that won a Department of Commerce Gold Medal. Steve left WDTB in 2014 to join NSSL while remaining an OU CIMMS employee.
What He Does:At NSSL, Steve is heavily involved in hydrometeorological research with the Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor (MRMS) program, which received the Department of Commerce Silver Medal award in July 2015. His work addresses the quality control of gauge measurements and the delivery of gauge data into the MRMS system. Steve also works on other projects to improve precipitation estimation accuracy, such as merging QPE products and applying evaporation corrections to radar-based precipitation rates. Steve remains active with the development of NWS training, where he has assisted in the creation of online modules focused on how to use MRMS products in operations. He is the experiment coordinator for the HMT-Hydro Experiment, where NWS forecasters and hydrologists can evaluate new tools and techniques to better predict flash flooding.
Trivia: Steve enjoys watching sports car racing and has attending everything from sprint races to 24-hour endurance events. He is an avid hiker and photographer, and he enjoys spending time in national and state parks across the country. Having grown up in Florida, he also has a keen interest in space science and space exploration.
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