Gab at the Lab: Nusrat Yussouf

Nusrat Yussouf, Research Scientist (CIMMS/NSSL)




Background:Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Oklahoma
M.S. Computer Science, University of Oklahoma
B.S. Electrical & Electronics Engineering, BUET, Bangladesh
Experience:After completing her bachelor’s degree in EE from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Nusrat made her long journey across half the world to USA. She joined CIMMS/NSSL as a Research Associate after completing her Master’s from OU in 2002. She completed her Ph.D. while working full time at CIMMS/NSSL. She is currently working as a Research Scientist.
What She Does:Nusrat is part of the Warn-on-Forecast research group in the Forecast Research and Development division at NSSL. Her current research interest is to improve probabilistic forecasts of tornadoes, flash floods, large hails, damaging winds and other hazardous convective weather using ensemble data assimilation and storm-scale numerical weather prediction models. Nusrat enjoys doing research related to Warn-on-Forecast because this work has the potential to save lives.
Trivia: Nusrat has been married for 18 years and has two boys. She likes to travel with her family. She enjoys listening to music, watching movies and cooking Bangladeshi dishes.
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