NSSL hosts workshop to define future of storm research

NSSL is hosting the Advanced Weather and Society Integrated Studies (WAS*IS) Workshop: Beyond Storm-Based Warnings, Communication of Probabilistic Hazard Information. The workshop will be held next week, September 15-17, 2008 in Norman, Oklahoma. The NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed – Experimental Warning Program is a sponsor. The Advanced WAS*IS workshop will offer an opportunity for researchers and end-users to work together to define and address needs. Items on the agenda include:

introducing new technologies,
suggesting new ways to communicate storm information,
defining measures of success to properly address service,
provide suggestions for future directions of the Experimental Warning Program with stakeholder goals, and
develop ideas for new ways to facilitate operational implementation of concepts.
A significant portion of the workshop will include discussion of the Enterprise, Alabama tornado scenario from the perspectives of county/city management, emergency management, hospitals, elementary schools, media/communications, private sector, and the general public.

Breakout sessions will identify common themes and action, and strategies for effectively moving ahead.

A sample of workshop participants includes NOAA NSSL researchers, NWS forecasters, FEMA and The Weather Channel, and researchers in Anthropology, Counseling and Human Development from various universities.

Background: Weather and Society*Integrated Studies (WAS*IS) is a grassroots movement that is changing the weather enterprise by integrating social science into meteorological research and practice in comprehensive and sustained ways. The diverse membership works to address societal impacts in real and sustained ways and are changing the culture from what WAS to what IS the future of integrated weather studies.

More information: http://ewp.nssl.noaa.gov/wasis2008/

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