First annual Warn-on-Forecast workshop

The first annual workshop for the Warn-on-Forecast project was held on 23 February 2011 in Norman, Oklahoma, on the University of Oklahoma campus. Warn-on-Forecast is a NOAA research project to create forecasts of severe weather so specific, forecasters will be able to issue a warning based on that forecast before the weather even forms.

The workshop brought together over 60 participants from across the United States to listen to progress reports from all the groups participating in the project.

Focus topics for discussion included a social science research action plan and the benefits of VORTEX2 research to the Warn-on-Forecast project.

These reports indicated that the project is moving forward with research that will lead to improvements in lead time for severe weather warnings.  The project also has the potential to benefit a number of different weather information user communities, including surface transportation, aviation, and renewable energy.

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