Gab at the Lab: Ami Arthur

Ami Arthur, Research Scientist (NSSL/CIMMS)


Background:M.S. Civil Engineering, University of Oklahoma
B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Oklahoma
Experience:Ami grew up in Oklahoma City and moved to Norman to attend OU. During her undergraduate and graduate years, she gained valuable experience through internships at the Oklahoma Water Resources Board in Oklahoma City and the NWS Arkansas-Red Basin River Forecast Center (ABRFC) in Tulsa. Upon completion of her M.S. in 1997, she joined CIMMS as a Research Associate.
What She Does:Ami provides GIS services and assistance to groups inside and outside CIMMS/NSSL. During the 2000s, she led a four-member team to complete the National Basin Delineation project. Using digital terrain, the group delineated flash-flood-scale basins for the U.S. for use in the NWS Flash Flood Monitoring and Prediction (FFMP) system. As part of this project, Ami was a co-instructor for a related COMET course, and over the years has continued to provide FFMP dataset technical assistance to NWS forecasters. She has also been involved in many CIMMS/NSSL projects throughout the years, including MRMS, FLASH, PECAN, and VORTEX-SE.
Trivia: Ami enjoys the day-to-day activities of life with her husband and two children. Her daughter, Emelyn, has taken ballet and other forms of dance since she was very young, and is now on the Norman High Pom team. Her son, Eric, loves to play baseball, football, and basketball, and is joining the Alcott Track team. Ami loves going to all of the kids’ activities, spending time with family and friends, working in the yard, and traveling.
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