2015: Year In Review

2015 was busy here at NSSL! These are a few highlights from our year:

• In February, we completed our Lab Review, which is conducted every five years to evaluate the quality, relevance, and performance of our research.

• In May and June, the Spring Experiment brought forecasters and researchers together to evaluate new science and technology in the Hazardous Weather Testbed.

• The Plains Elevated Convection At Night field project kicked off on May 29, featuring mobile radars and the new Collaborative Lower Atmosphere Mobile Profiling System (CLAMPS).

• On June 12, we tested our new Phased-Array Dual Pol Radar.

• In July, the Multi-Radar, Multi-Sensor team was awarded the Department of Commerce Silver Medal.

• In August, the 2015 Phased Array Radar Innovative Sensing Experiment kicked off, bringing 30 NWS forecasters from around the country to Oklahoma to collaborate with NSSL researchers. The experiment ran through late September.

• In October, NOAA Administrator Kathryn Sullivan announced the VORTEX Southeast field project, which will begin in Spring 2016.

• The National Weather Association’s Annual Meeting was held in October, featuring the first ever Research Operations Nexus meetup.  During the conference, NOAA’s Hazardous Weather Testbed was honored with the Larry R. Johnson Special Award.

• On October 31, we celebrated the Eleventh Annual National Weather Festival.

• In November, we welcomed Alan Gerard to NSSL. Alan is our new Warning Research & Development Division Deputy Division Chief. He came to us after many years of dedicated service as the Meteorologist-in-Charge of NWS Jackson, MS.

There are lots of exciting things to come in 2016 and we hope you’ll stay tuned! Thanks for your support of NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory!

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