Techniques used at NSSL described in new book by NSSL scientist

Springer has just published a book written by NSSL/CIMMS scientist Valliappa Lakshmanan: “Automating the Analysis of Spatial Grids – A Practical Guide to Data Mining Geospatial Images for Human and Environmental Applications.”

Lakshmanan used the techniques described in the book as the basis for several valuable NSSL applications including the Warning Decision Support System: Integrated Information and NSSL: On Demand.

The book is based on a course Lakshmanan taught in Spring 2011 at the University of Oklahoma.

Here is an excerpt from the preface:

“The ability to create automated algorithms to process gridded spatial data is increasingly important as remotely sensed data sets increase in volume and frequency. Whether in business, social science, ecology, meteorology or urban planning, it has become critical to analyze and detect patterns in geospatial data and to do so with minimal human intervention. My aim with this book is to provide readers with a foundation in topics of digital image processing and data mining as applied to geospatial data sets. The aim is for readers to be able to devise and implement automated techniques to extract information from spatial grids such as radar, satellite, or high-resolution survey imagery.”

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