NSSL researchers to present at AMS meeting

NSSL researchers will be presenting at the 39th American Meteorological Society Conference on Broadcast Meteorology and Conference on Weather Warnings and Communication June 22-24 in Oklahoma City, Okla.

NSSL presentations include:

“Sports-Like Coverage of Storms by Phased Array Radar”

“The Polarimetric Upgrade to the NWS WSR-88D Network:  An Overview of Data and Products Available to Operational Forecasters”

“The Tornado Vortex Signature”

“Role-Playing Scenario of a Landfalling Tropical System”

“NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed Experimental Warning Program”

Lessons Learned and Future Goals for High-Resolution Severe Storm Verification at NSSL”

“Managing Media Interactions During VORTEX2 – Lessons Learned”

Also, an NSSL scientist will be sitting on a panel discussing:  “Communicating Disaster:  Insights, Lessons, and Lingering Questions from the Deadliest Tornado Year in Decades”

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