Strong contingent of NSSL researchers presenting at SLS conference

NSSL will have a strong presence at the American Meteorological Society Severe Local Storms Conference October 27-31, 2008 in Savannah Georgia. NSSL scientists are presenting their research as lead authors on 14 papers, 12 posters, and co-authors on 18 papers and 7 posters. A sample includes:

Severe weather guidance from models (Kain)
Evolution of low-level rotation in the Geary, Oklahoma supercell storm (Ziegler)
Ensemble forecasts of severe convective events during Spring 2007 (Stensrud)
The effect of the lower boundary condition on tornado intensity in a closed model of tornadogenesis (Davies-Jones)
Super-resolution polarimetric observations of a tornadic supercell (Kumjian)
The role of near-surface wind shear on low-level mesocyclone generation and tornadoes (Wicker)
The Spring 2008 real-time phased array radar experiment (Heinselman)
A highlight will be the VORTEX 2 (Verification of the Origins of the Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment -2) Town Hall Meeting to kick off the epic field program scheduled this Spring, May 10-June 15 2009.

V2 is a follow-on to the VORTEX project of the mid 1990’s designed to study how tornadoes form and dissipate. NSSL’s Lou Wicker is a Principal Investigator on V2.

Following the town hall meeting NSSL scientist Harold Brooks is chairing a session on VORTEX-2 related contributions.

Significance: Accelerates development, application, and transition of advanced science and technology to operations and services.

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