NSSL radar team returns from debris flow project

Rainfall amounts posted on February 5, 2010 in California.

NSSL’s mobile radar team and the Shared Mobile Atmospheric Research and Teaching Radar (SMART-R) have returned to Norman, Okla. following participation in the NOAA/USGS demonstration flash flood and debris flow early warning system project.

There were a total of nine intensive operations periods.  In early February there was a major storm causing many serious debris flows.  “These debris flows were enhanced by the overflow of the catchment basins,” reported NSSL’s Dave Jorgensen.  A total of 43 homes were reported as damaged, several dozen parked cars were carried by the mud, and 500 people were evacuated.  No injuries were reported.

The experiment ended on February 13, 2010  and NSSL’s Mike Schmidt and Mark Benner returned the SMART-R to Norman, OK.  Other staff helping with the project included Dave Jorgensen (NSSL), Steve Vasiloff (NSSL), Katherine Willingham (NSSL/CIMMS) and Kevin Manross (NSSL/CIMMS).

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