WRF/CAPS Reflectivity Loops on V2 Domain

Plots of WRF/CAPS 1km AGL simulated reflectivity are now available using “V2” as the centerpoint in the URL. The following V2 domain image combinations should work as of today’s 00z and 12z model runs:

At 00Z:

At 12Z, you can compare prior runs:
NMM4 / NMM4_12 / AFWA4 / AFWA4_12
CAPS1 / NCAR3 / NCAR3_12 / NMM4_12

Mix and match the models to build the loop you need based on the URLs, above. You can also add &date=YYYYmmdd to review another date.

The 00Z NCAR run goes out to forecast hour 48 while the other 00Z runs go to forecast hour 36. The loop URLs, above have a start hour of 12z go out 24h. This can be adjusted by using the &starthr and &frames variables in the URL.

The 12Z NMM goes to forecast hour 36 while the NCAR and AFWA versions of the WRF only go out 24h. These loops also start at 12Z and go out 24h. Note, some imagery will drop out when looping beyond the available forecasts from that model. Imagery may also be uavailable if model data fails to arrive prior to the execution of the cron job for the image generation script. These loop pages should not to be considered operational and will not always be available.

Thanks to Ryan for building such an adaptable web-based interface that allows us to build these thumbnail image loops!

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