Gab at the Lab: Eddie Forren

Eddie Forren, Software Engineer (NSSL/CIMMS)

Eddie Forren

Background:B.S. Computer Science/Engineering, University of Oklahoma (1986)
Experience:Eddie earned his bachelor's degree in computer science in 1986, then began his career working on general accounting software at Oklahoma Gas & Electric. After seven years with OG&E, he moved on to a position in Wichita, Kansas with a small software company. He remained in Wichita until 1997, when he was hired by OU CIMMS as an open radar product generator (ORPG) developer and signal processing specialist with NSSL.
What He Does:Eddie focuses on radar enhancements with NSSL’s Radar Research and Development Division. Beyond his work on ORPG, he is also involved with developing real-time processing, recording, and playback for the National Weather Radar Testbed and KOUN radar. He is part of the team responsible for the Advanced Technology Demonstrator, an integral part of the Multi-Function Phased Array Radar program. Eddie is helping to design processes to allow for implementation of new radar features and improves formatting for the ATD product database and offline processing. He is particularly interested in database design and implementation, object oriented languages/web development technologies, C++ and high performance programming, and radar and computer graphics.
Trivia: Eddie was born in West Virginia, while his family was on vacation. By the time he reached high school, he had lived in 8 different states and Ankara, Turkey. His interests include sports of all kinds (basketball, bowling, golf, baseball, football), boating, and challenging himself to new activities. He recently started singing lessons to demonstrate to his sons that, with effort, you can always develop new strengths!
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