2016 AMS Awards

The American Meteorological Society announced winners of the 2016 AMS Awards to be presented during their January annual meeting, and two NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory researchers were among the honorees. Winners were selected from nominations provided by AMS members, who submitted names of deserving colleagues and peers.

James F. Kimpel  was selected to receive the Charles Franklin Brooks Award for “decades of faithful service and enlightened leadership in the Society, guiding it to remain vigorous, relevant, and focused on the future.” Dr. Kimpel served as the director of NSSL for thirteen years, and was elected president of the AMS in 2000.

Richard J. Doviak was chosen to receive the 2016 Remote Sensing prize for “fundamental contributions to weather radar science and technology, with applications to observations of severe storms and tropospheric winds.” Dr. Doviak joined NSSL in 1971 and has been noted for his extensive work on Doppler radar and remote sensing. He has received multiple awards over the years and has been invited to speak at conferences around the world.

doviakFor a complete list of the 2016 AMS Awards, please visit: https://www2.ametsoc.org/ams/index.cfm/about-ams/ams-awards-fellows-and-honorary-members/2016-ams-award-winners/

Congratulations to all the winners!

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