Gab at the Lab: James Murnan

James Murnan, Audio/ Visuals Production Specialist


Background:B.A. Film & Video, University of Oklahoma, 2005
Minor: General Business
Experience:James got his start at the Radar Operations Center as a student in 2003. He created the ROC tour video and assisted on the NSSL 40th anniversary project. He was eventually hired full time as a contractor in 2005, joint funded by several NOAA partners.
What He Does:James works on a variety of public relations and outreach projects. He is involved in all aspects of production on video assignments, from script to shoot to final cut. He photographs noteworthy activities and events, including Hazardous Weather Testbed experiments, visiting dignitaries, field research, and the National Weather Festival. He brings our science to life and makes it accessible to everyone!
Trivia: James is married with five children - four daughters and one son.
For More: Check out James’ work on our YouTube (NOAAWP) and Flickr (NSSL NOAA) pages. His visuals are also widely used on our Facebook (NOAA NSSL), Twitter (@NSSL), and Instagram (NOAANSSL) sites.


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