Evolution of a Quasi-Linear Convective System Sampled by Phased Array Radar

Journal: Monthly Weather Review

Expected publication date: Early online release, June 5, 2012

Authors: Jennifer Newman, Pamela Heinselman (NSSL)

Summary: The National Weather Radar Testbed Phased Array Radar in Norman, Oklahoma scanned a strong line of thunderstorms as it produced damaging wind events across central Oklahoma. The rapid scanning phased array radar created a detailed depiction of these wind events including microbursts, an intensifying midlevel jet, and a small area of rotation.

Important conclusions: The depiction of these events in the phased array radar data demonstrates the complex and rapidly changing nature of strong
lines of thunderstorms.

Significance: Using rapid-scan phased array radar, developing severe weather is easier to detect and important changes in the strength of storms can be

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