Significant Paper: Multifunction Phased Array Radar for Aircraft and Weather Surveillance

mparMultifunction Phased Array Radar for Aircraft and Weather Surveillance
Authors: Stailey, J., K. D. Hondl
Journal: Proceedings of the IEEE
Publication Date: In Print 3/2016

Important Conclusions: This paper provides an overview of Multifunction Phased Array Radar (MPAR) program – its origins, development, and area of focus. The MPAR initiative has made significant progress toward moving phased array radar technology into operational use, advanced dual polarization technology, and made strides toward driving down the cost of active electronically steered array (AESA) technology. The effort has made important contributions to the eventual application of AESA radar to meet new and different needs.

Significance: Multifunction Phased Array Radar (MPAR) is a multiagency initiative to investigate the feasibility of replacing aircraft surveillance and weather radar fleets in the United States with a network of phased array radars based on a single, scalable networked array architecture.

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