NSSL welcomes summer interns

NSSL hosts undergraduate students each summer to inspire the next generation of researchers

It is that time of year again!  Please welcome the 2010 Hollings and REU Student interns:

Hollings Students
Jill Hardy, University of Southern California, working with Jack Kain
Elizabeth Rockwell, University of Oklahoma, working with Dave Stensrud
Kenneth Dixon, University of Miami, Heather Reeves
Vanna Chmielewski, Univ. of South Alabama, Don MacGorman, Kristin Kuhlman and Stephanie Weiss
Keith Sherburn, University of Oklahoma, Travis Smith and Kiel Ortega
Lindsey Richardson, University of Oklahoma, Travis Smith

Working at the SPC:
Sara Ganetis, University at Albany, SUNY
Jason Davis, Valparaiso University
Stuart Miller, University of Missouri

REU Students
Stacey Hitchcock, OU, working with Patrick Marsh, Harold Brooks, and Chuck Doswell
Sarah Stalker, St. Cloud State University, working with Kristin Kuhlman
Xiaoqian Pan, City University of New York, working with Bob Rabin, Eric Hong (OU/CEES), and Brian Vant-Hull (CUNY)

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