NSSL/CIMMS researchers mentor undergraduate students for the summer

NSSL and NSSL/Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS) researchers donated their time this summer to mentor undergraduate students through research projects.

The students were selected through the prestigious NOAA Hollings Scholars program and the National Weather Center Research Experiences for Undergraduates (NWC REU). Both programs are designed to encourage students to pursue a future career in atmospheric science research through mentoring, tours, lectures and field trips.

NOAA Hollings Scholars and NWC REU programs support NOAA Education goals to develop a future workforce skilled in disciplines critical to NOAA’s mission.

The students are presenting the results of their research projects this week.

Hannah Huelsing (University of Northern Colorado) – REU – “Evaluation of Precipitation Diurnal Variability by TRMM: Case of Pakistan’s 2010 Intense Monsoon”
Mentors: Dr. Yang Hong, Dr. Sadiq Kahn, Dr. Jonathan Gourley (NSSL) and Nicole Grams

Veronica Fall (Valparaiso University) – REU – “Intercomparison of Vertical Structure of Storms Revealed by Ground-based (NMQ) and Spaceborne Radars (CloudSat-CPR and TRMM-PR)”
Mentors: Dr. Yang Hong, Dr. Qing Cao, Dr. Jonathan Gourley( NSSL) and Nicole Grams

Jonathan Labriola (University of Miami) – REU – “Investigating the Relationship of Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor Parameters to Tornado Intensity”
Mentors: Kiel Ortega (CIMMS), Darrel Kingfield (CIMMS) and Madison Miller (NSSL)

Hope Weldon (Jackson State University) – REU – “Toward a Better Understanding of Tornado Fatalities”
Mentors: Greg Carbin and Dr. Harold Brooks (NSSL)

Phillip Ware (Jackson State University) – REU – “Evaluation of a Lightning Jump Algorithm with High Resolution Storm Reports”
Mentors: Dr. Kristin Calhoun (CIMMS), Kiel Ortega (CIMMS) and Greg Stumpf (NWS MDL)

Nathan Korfe (St. Cloud State University) – REU – “Sensitivity of Planetary Boundary Layer Parameterization Schemes on Forecasting Blizzard Conditions for the 11–12 December 2010 Snowstorm”
Mentors: Dr. Heather Reeves (CIMMS) and Dr. Adam Clark (CIMMS)

Lindsay Blank (Millersville University) – Hollings – “On the Predictability of Thunderstorms over the Southwestern United States”
Mentor: Dr. David Stensrud (NSSL)

Rebecca Steeves (North Carolina State University) – REU – “A Comparison of Mesoscale Analysis Systems Used for Severe Weather Forecasting”
Mentors: Dr. Dustan Wheatley (CIMMS) and Dr. Michael Coniglio (NSSL)

Matthew Vaughan (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) – Hollings – “The Analyses and Prediction of a Supercell Storm from Assimilating Radar and Satellite Observations using EnKF”
Mentors: Dr. Nusrat Yussouf (CIMMS) and Dr. Thomas Jones (CIMMS)

Burkely Twiest (Penn State University) – Hollings – “Localizing Tornado Climatology in the Contiguous United States: An Environmental Parameter and Convective Mode Focus.”
Mentors: Bryan Smith, Rich Thompson, Andy Dean, Dr. Chris Melick, Dr. Harold Brooks (NSSL), and Patrick Marsh (CIMMS)

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