NSSL Scientists Honored by NOAA

NSSL scientist Kurt Hondl will receive the NOAA Technology Transfer Award “for team leadership during the development of the Warning Decision Support System – Integrated Information and for fostering its adopted use in the private sector.” Hondl is the team leader for the Realtime Applications and Display Technology group, part of NSSL’s Radar Research and Development Division. This group of software engineers and computer scientists research and develop applications and displays that improve the warning decision-making process. CIMMS and contractor members of WDSS II team had a role in this superb effort, including: Lakshman, Travis Smith, Jeff Brogden, Charles Kerr, Robert Toomey, Kevin Manross, Kiel Ortega and Karen Cooper (SAIC).

NSSL meteorologist Harold E. Brooks will be honored with the NOAA Administrators Award “for outstanding leadership in and dedication to developing U.S. CCSP (Climate Change Science Program) Synthesis & Assessment Products integrating climate research for decision support.” Brooks is the leader of the Forecast Research and Development Mesoscale Applications Group. The group of meteorologists focuses on severe weather climatology, weather processes, forecast applications, and impacts and evaluation.

The awards will be presented in Silver Spring, MD on October 22, 2008.

Significance: Supports NOAA’s goal to serve society’s needs for weather and water information.

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