NSSL launches “Video Highlights” Web page

NSSL is proud to announce the new Video Highlights Web page. The videos are designed to promote NSSL’s mission and activities. There are three videos currently on display:

NOAA Weather Partners Spotlight: NSSL

Severe weather and the tools to forecast and monitor it. This is the focus of researchers at the National Severe Storms Laboratory. This brief video, featuring NSSL Director, Dr. Jeff Kimpel, provides an overview of the research conducted at NSSL, highlighting the three main topics of weather radar, hydrometeorology, and forecast and warning improvements. (Time: 04:44 minutes).

Multifunction Phased Array Radar

The future of weather radar lies in phased array technology, with its advanced multi-function capabilities and performance. This video gives a brief overview of the advantages to be gained from the implementation of phased array radar technology, with emphasis on improvements in weather forecasting, transportation safety, homeland security, and the cost effectiveness of the system. (Time: 04:55 minutes)

The 2007 National Weather Festival Highlights

The Norman Chamber of Commerce’s Weather Committee hosted the 3rd Annual National Weather Festival on Saturday, Oct. 20, at the National Weather Center in Norman. The free public event featured tours, children’s activities, a storm chaser car show, displays by local businesses, weather-related seminars, Science on a Sphere, and hourly weather balloon launches. (Time: 03:54 minutes)


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