Gab at the Lab: Pam Heinselman

Pam HeinselmanPam Heinselman came to the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory in 1995 as a scientist with the University of Oklahoma’s Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies. She grew up in Westminster, Maryland, and completed her meteorological studies at the University of Saint Louis. After joining CIMMS and living in Norman for several years, she made the decision to continue her education and pursue a Ph.D. at OU. Pam was awarded her Ph.D. in May of 2004. Five years later, in 2009, she became a full-time NOAA employee, and she has continued to make important contributions to the Lab in this role.

Heinselman is the leader of the phased array radar and meteorological studies team. She coordinates the Phased Array Radar Innovative Sensing Experiment with OU PhD student Katie Bowden, who is funded through the OU Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies. PARISE is conducted through the NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed, and investigates scientific and operational applications of rapid-scan data sampled by NSSL’s phased array radar. This research improves understanding of hazardous weather and develops methods to use rapid-scan radar data in forecasting operations

In her personal time, Pam enjoys exercising outdoors and especially looks forward to trips home to the East Coast, where she can dine on her favorite Maryland crab cakes. She also enjoys the company of her dog, Rolli.

We’re glad to have Pam here at NSSL!

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Read more about Pam’s research here.

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