NSSL’s social connections

Several ways NSSL reaches out to constituents

NSSL has been exploring the relatively new area of social networking with considerable success.  Through Facebook, Twitter, and blogs more people are hearing about our science than ever before.

NSSL created a VORTEX2 Facebook page in the Spring of 2009 to keep interested people updated on the activities of the biggest tornado experiment in history.  To date, this page has 10,559  fans!  Daily updates were posted during operations, and as analysis of the data begins and results emerge, those will be posted on the site as well.

NSSL’s Chase StormDawg Facebook page also has a growing number of fans:  right now 780 since he was started April 21.  His posts target a broader audience, including kids.  A retired science teacher come up with some questions for Chase StormDawg – and we are posting the answers daily in the “Notes” section of the page.  Chase has been in the field with VORTEX2 and reported on daily operations using terms the general public could understand.

NSSL’s Facebook page has almost 3000 fans.  Here we post photos of celebrations and events, interesting activities, upcoming or active projects and more.

Posts made on Facebook are also “tweeted” on our Twitter pages.

Finally, NSSL’s longtime newsletter, NSSL Briefings, has transitioned to an all online blog called NSSL Briefings Online.  The site is updated each time a new article becomes available, with a monthly or bi-monthly email to subscribers announcing the most recent updates.

We invite you to connect with us and our research by following the embedded links!

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