10 May 2010 tornado outbreak

(This will be updated as more information and time to post become available. Given the local nature of the event, information may be obtained quickly, but time may be at a premium.)

A significant outbreak of tornadoes occurred over Oklahoma and southern Kansas on 10 May 2010. Numerous damaging, long-track tornadoes have been reported from the Red River on the southern Oklahoma border up through southern Kansas. As of 6 AM CDT, 11 May, there have been 37 preliminary tornado reports. This is likely to change following damage surveys that will begin later today. A very preliminary summary of information from the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Norman covering their region is available here. The Tulsa Forecast Office also has a briefing on the eastern Oklahoma portion of the outbreak.

At this time, there are five fatalities reported in Oklahoma, 2 from the Choctaw area of Oklahoma County and 3 from Tecumseh in Pottawatomie County.

VORTEX2 collected data on the storm that produced the Norman tornado east of Norman.

There were media reports of damage at the National Weather Center. These reports are untrue, although the tornado was visible from the NWC and debris could be seen as the tornado moved east of the NWC. In addition, some staff members suffered damage at their residences.

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