Scholastic News spotlights NSSL meteorologist

March 2008 Scholastic News features NSSL meteorologist and educational outreach coordinator Daphne Thompson in an article called “Storm Chaser!”

Scholastic News is a kid-focused, curriculum-connected current events newsweekly for elementary students and their teachers. Second graders (ages 7-8) will be treated to an interview with Daphne about what it is like to be a storm chaser. Daphne answers questions such as, “What are tornadoes?” “How do you predict when a tornado will happen?” “What do you bring with you?” “Is it dangerous to be a storm chaser?” “What damage do tornadoes cause?” “How can people stay safe during a tornado?” Children are encouraged to study a map of the U.S. and use their geography skills to identify states in “Tornado Alley.”

The Teacher Edition of Scholastic News gives additional details about what it is like to chase tornadoes and offers tornado safety tips. An educational worksheet teaches students how to tell the difference between a tornado, waterspout, and dust devil. Another encourages kids to use a pictograph to learn about how many tornadoes occur in Arizona, Utah, Tennessee and Montana each year.

Background: Scholastic News presents high-interest, late-breaking news in a variety of engaging formats and encourages kids to understand and interpret the world around them. Studies show classroom magazines motivate students to read and learn.

Significance: Exposing children to the weather and weather careers will help inspire the next-generation of scientists.

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