We’re Back!

Hello everyone!  My name is Cassandra Shivers-Williams and I am currently a post-doc researcher at CIMMS/NSSL within the Societal Impacts Group (SIG).  I have been working with Emergency Managers (EMs) in the Hazardous Weather Testbed experiments since 2016!  My wonderful colleague Kodi Berry started this blog as a way to talk about all of the awesome EM research happening here!  Well…I’m picking it up and taking it over! (You may have noticed the site facelift =)  )

This blog will be highlighting lots of fun with EMs and the Probabilistic Hazard Information (PHI) Experiment, sprinkled with some other ongoing social science research within the SIG!  Our sister entity, KPHI TV, also conducts social science research, but primarily with Broadcaster Meteorologists.  That work is blasted on the KPHI TV Blog!   I encourage everyone to check out that blog for more fun with PHI!

This website has been updated with some background information about the work we do and the research team, opportunities for EMs to participate in testbed research, presentations/publications of our EM work, and some alumni!  Take a look around and check back in periodically to see the latest and greatest updates from the SIG!

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