Interpolating Reflectivity to -10C Level in RAP/RUC Data

Written by Bryan Burlingame

WDSS-II Guide to Interpolating Reflectivity to -10˚C Level in RAP/RUC Data

The process of obtaining data from multiple radars, quality controlling the data, merging the various radars to a common three dimensional latitude and longitude grid, and then interpolating that radar reflectivity to the -10˚C level found in RAP/RUC data is explained here. This process was conducted and then this document created by Bryan Burlingame ( and Dr. Clark Evans  at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for the purpose of identifying Convective Initiation (CI) in hours immediately following Mesoscale Predictability Experiment (MPEX) research flights.


Lak’s note:

The entire document is being posted in three pieces for easier searchability.  The steps to create the Reflectivity-10C product are:

  1. Get RUC/RAP data into WDSS-II
  2. Create QCed radar data from Level-II
  3. Mosaic radar data taking into account temperature level

Thanks to Bryan for sending me these instructions.


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