STATUS 5 Apr 2017

Operations have begun this morning, with teams hitting the road around 5 AM.  We have just launched about a dozen 12Z soundings across N AL and MS.  Elevated convective cells with a few lightning strikes are moving into the southern part of our domain.  At this time, it is very uncertain how these cells will influence the surface weather map.  They are likely to leave behind a pool of cooled outflow air somewhere across the N 1/2 of AL, and this could be a focus for higher tornado potential later today.

Our teams are deploying to what we call the “eastern domain”, focused on Sand Mountain, a gently-sloping plateau in northeast AL.  We will have a network of 4-5 mobile Dopplers scanning throughout the day in this domain. We are choosing this domain because it has looked like it has the highest probability of tornadic supercells through the day.

It should be a very busy day here in the Ops Center, so I am not sure I will blog again.


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