25 March update

We just collected data on a nice little wave in a line of weak storms. It persisted all the way across our domain, over a period of a couple of hours.  As it neared the north side of the domain, the associated rotation developed decent shear (change in Doppler velocity across the circulation).

As far as I can tell, we had an excellent deployment of sticknets (surface weather instruments) and disdrometers (to measure raindrop size).  These two measurements are related in purpose… the raindrop size and count is related to the coolness of the storm outflow, which seems to be related to tornado potential.

The storm also moved through our radar array, and it seems that the data collection was good.

This case may be interesting because  it seemed to be on the borderline between non-tornadic and weakly tornadic.  Sometimes borderline cases are the most useful because they add information about the thresholds of things like CAPE and shear that can be used to predict tornadic versus non-tornadic.

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